Waveform Plastics Technologies, founded in 1999, is a manufacturer of custom thermoformed products, with extensive experience in product design, development, and manufacturing. We have a diverse customer base, with customers in the automotive, medical, marine, consumer products, electronics and instrumentation, advertising and POP industries. We have a wide range of disciplines in-house that enables us to get your project done on time, and right the first time.

With extensive CAD design and CNC machining experience using the most current software tools such as SolidWorks 2017, HyperMILL, and Mastercam X5, we provide in-house design and manufacture of all tooling, from wood, foams, fiberglass, aluminum, and other composites.

Waveform has experienced significant growth for the past ten years, and we see no sign of slowing down. We continue to investment in new facilities and equipment, revamping current equipment, training, staff, and updating software. All of this makes us even more competitive, further strengthening our overall position in the marketplace. In January, 2011, we moved into our new facilities at 21 Ena Avenue, expanding our production and office space by four times, and have added staff to facilitate our business growth. In October, 2016 we became ISO9001:2015 certified, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Waveform Plastics is a family-run business, and everyone takes a very active role in managing each and every order, ensuring we meet cost, quality, and delivery expectations. The key people at Waveform Plastics are:

David Hodder - President

DaveAs part of the founding management team, Dave brings a wealth of production experience to assure a timely, cost efficient delivery of thermoformed products. Dave has over 15 years of CNC machining experience, and has produced a wide variety of tooling and CNC-machined products including canoe and kayak patterns, thermoforming molds, industrial products and packaging for an impressive client list including the CBC, Global Television, Canadian Olympic Association, Rogers Communications, and Algonquin Automotive, to name just a few. He is a principle of Waveform and works directly with our team in designing and building molds, patterns and fixtures.

Neil Hodder - General ManagerNeil

Neil’s small business background and keen business acumen translated into his position as General Manager of Waveform Plastics. While attending Wilfrid Laurier University for Business and Economics, he operated a successful marketing business for five years before coming to Waveform in 2004. With his hands-on involvement on almost every order, Neil has developed a strong understanding of the thermoforming process, and what will or will not work. Neil has also been instrumental in developing many of the manufacturing processes and techniques that make us so efficient and cost-effective.

Leonard Hodder, PMP - Sales and Project Manager

LenWith a BSc in Computer Science, Len has spent most of his earlier years with Waveform programming PLCs and automating processes to improve efficiency and quality, which has given him a strong background in the thermoforming process. Len is a qualified Project Manager, with years of project management experience and has been awarded the PMP (Project Management Professional) designation by the Project Management Institute in 2005. Len has been involved in the implementation and maintenance of the ISO9000 quality management system at previous companies, and led the implementation of the ISO9000 program at Waveform. Len is also involved in sales, project management, and customer support. When he's not on the road reviewing a new design with a customer, you'll find Len working from our office in Brampton, Ontario, or at the plant in South River, Ontario.

Bruce Hodder - Tooling and FixturesBruce

Bruce, a certified machinist with over 13 years of experience, has a wide range of machining and fabrication expertise, and is instrumental in the creation of CNC machined molds, trim fixtures, and other tooling. Bruce also coordinates maintenance and calibration of all of our equipment, ensuring that we deliver consistently high quality parts to our customers.

To learn more about Waveform Plastics, see our brochure (2 MB file - Adobe Acrobat pdf format).

Waveform Plastics is a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers.