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  Len Hodder: or call 416-320-3339 (Toronto, Ontario office)

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Mailing Address:
    Waveform Plastics Technologies Ltd.
    21 Ena Avenue, P.O. Box 179,
    South River, Ontario, Canada
    P0A 1X0


Phone: 705-386-0000
Toll-free: 1-888-531-8366
FAX: 647-478-7402

Technical Sales and Design Manager:
    Len Hodder
 email email:
 Phone phone: 416-320-3339

General Manager:
    Neil Hodder
 email email:
 Phone phone: 705-386-0000 ext. 301

Office Manager:
    Russ Clapperton
 email email:
 Phone phone: 705-386-0000 ext. 304

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