Waveform offers full in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) services. We can take your concept to a full 3-D model consisting of all of the components - not just the plastic parts - that make up the product. We'll demonstrate how everything fits, and create accurate CAD models and detailed drawings for each component.

Beyond that, we can simulate how all of the parts fit and behave with full motion animation, and stress analysis to show where the weak points are in the design.

We use Solidworks to create your product, and all of the components in the product. Solidworks then allows us to:

  • Create a 3-D model of each component in your product
  • Create detailed, dimensioned drawings of each component
  • Assemble the components into a model of the entire product
  • Simulate the interaction of components, such as gears, hinges, or drawers
  • Create highly realistic renderings of the product for use in marketing presentations or promotional material, long before the actual product is available
  • Simulate stresses on the assembly to determine where weaknesses are, which can then be used to improve the design, before ever making a part
  • The Solidworks Design Checker confirms that standards are followed, ensuring the best possible end product
  • ...and much more!

We can also reverse engineer a product, creating a 3-D model from an existing part, which can then be altered or improved upon, if needed, to create your final design. We have in-house laser scanning capabilities that allow us to take your existing product, create a solid model, and then alter it as needed to create an improved design.

Waveform also has 3D printing capabilities in a range of materials to evaluate product designs prior to cutting tooling.

Use us as your design team, or as an extension to your in-house capabilities.

Send us your idea, and we'll work with you to make it a reality!

CAD Design