Medical Equipment Shroud

We manufacture a range of custom enclosures and shrouds for medical, electronic, and scientific equipment and instrumentation.

We can start from your enclosure or shroud design, and work with you to create a quality, thermoformable part, or we can begin with your product, and create an enclosure or shroud that meets your design and funtionality goals. We have plenty of experience either way. We use Solidworks to design the enclosure which offers many advantages:

  • Detailed design and simulation ensures a perfect fit with your product
  • High quality renderings allow you to see how the enclosure will look on your product
  • Holes for features such as indicators, switches, and connectors are included
  • Every detail of the design is exported to Mastercam, where we machine each feature, accurately translating the virtual part into a physical part
  • Our in-house pad printing capability allows us to add labeling to the part such as company logo, switches, dials, indicators, etc.

All this gives you a one-stop shop for your enclosure or shroud.