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Products - Precast Concrete Molds

Precast Molds

Precast Concrete MoldPrecast Concrete MoldAlong with the many other products that Waveform Plastics manufactures, we also are a supplier of thermoformed molds for the precast industry. We have experience forming a wide range of molds, from cap stones, to sills, to park benches. A plastic mold creates a superior product, with a clean, smooth finish. Oxygen can't penetrate the plastic, and so does not form bubbles on the surface of the concrete. We can form even large, complex molds.

We can take your design, in any form - a hand drawing to a CAD design - and create the plug, from which we can create plastic molds which you cast your concrete products from. Plastic molds produce an excellent finish, and have a long, maintenance-free life span.

Molds can be small or large, and can be comprised of one, two, three, or even more sections, to allow you to form the most complex objects.

Most amazing... the cost! We can often make a mold for less than the cost of a wood or fibreglass mold. Also, since we're making a plug, we can reproduce the plastic mold quickly and cost-effectively as the old ones wear out. The benefits multply if you need a quantity of molds to allow for increased production rates. With one plug, we can form any number of plastic molds in short order!


  • Long life
  • Better finish
  • No silicon in the corners of a wood mold to produce the rounded edges
  • Highly repeatable... for any number of molds
  • Customizable... give us your design, and we'll make it!

Our experience in making molds for the precast industry will ensure you have the optimum solution!

Please note that we do not stock standard molds. All precast molds are custom made to your design specifications, and are sold only to you!

Complete our online quote request form, give us a call, or FAX your design to us for a fast quote!

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